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Dental Professionals now offers courses in X-ray, CP and Sealant classes in Santa Barbara!!

Practicing dental assistant... or a DA preparing for the you need an 8 hour Infection Control course; Dental Practice Act course; a Review Manual for CA Law and Ethics Exam or training to meet the requirements for the Orthodontic Permit license, you can go to the Expanded Functions Dental Assistant Assistant (EFDAA), the professional organization for EFs in CA.  Their web site is  

RDAs existing RDAEFs...are you interested in placing and finishing dental the Expanded Functions Dental Assistant Association (EFDAA) today to enroll in their DB approved program.  They average a 90% pass rate on the entire RDAEF state examination... the highest pass rate of any DB approved program in Southern California.  In addition, the cost of this program is the most reasonable in CA.  Congratulations EFDAA....we are proud of you!!  Go to their web site for more information at 


Call today for customized courses in sealants, x-ray, coronal polishing in your own office and receive a 5% tuition discount!!! Go to the web page for the requirements for these customized courses